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Who We Are

The Boardwalk attracts A list talent from LA as stop-over engagement to our quaint Hawaiian atmosphere that donates 100% of concert proceeds to local charities

Hawaiian Flair

Immerse yourself in our quaint Hawaiian atmosphere at The Boardwalk, where the vibrant island spirit creates a unique and inviting experience for both performers and audience alike.

Full Bar

Our venue features a fully stocked bar, ensuring that guests can enjoy a wide variety of beverages to enhance their evening of entertainment.

Specialty Drinks

Indulge in our carefully crafted specialty drinks, expertly mixed to complement the tropical ambiance and elevate your overall experience at The Boardwalk.

1949 - The original house was built

Delve into the rich history of The Boardwalk, which dates back to 1949 when the original house was constructed, setting the foundation for our iconic venue.

1987 - Renamed from "Cow Town Saloon"

In 1987, we underwent a transformation and rebranded as “The Boardwalk,” establishing our identity as a premier destination for live entertainment and a thriving community hub.

2022 - Derek and Sara acquire "The Boardwalk"

In 2022, Derek and Sara took ownership of The Boardwalk, infusing their passion and commitment to the venue’s legacy, ensuring a future filled with exceptional performances and community impact.



Pricing Ranges from $10 to $200 per ticket based on the setup

At The Boardwalk, we offer flexible pricing options to accommodate a variety of performances. From affordable general admission tickets to premium VIP experiences, we can tailor the pricing structure to meet the specific needs of your talent.

Total capacity is 341

Our venue can comfortably accommodate up to 341 guests, ensuring a vibrant and energetic atmosphere for both the performers and the audience.

VIP Capacity is 88

For those seeking an elevated experience, we setup an exclusive VIP area to provide a more intimate setting for up to 88 guests, offering enhanced amenities and prime viewing opportunities.

Table Capacity is 54

We offer table seating for up to 54 guests, providing a cozy and communal atmosphere that adds an extra touch of comfort and convenience.

124 for floor seating

Additionally, we can accommodate up to 124 guests with floor seating arrangements, allowing for a dynamic and engaging experience in close proximity to the stage.


Elevating the backstage experience, our Green Room at The Boardwalk is unlike any other. Housed in a converted 1976 Tour Bus, it offers bands a truly unique and private space to relax and prepare before going on stage. With its distinctive charm and comfortable accommodations, our Green Room adds an extra touch of exclusivity to enhance the overall experience for the bands we host.

Private Bathroom

Our Green Room provides bands with the convenience of a private bathroom, allowing for comfort and privacy during their time offstage.

Private Wardrobe Area

Bands can take advantage of the dedicated wardrobe area within the Tour Bus Green Room, providing a separate space to prepare and organize their costumes and attire.

Heating & Air A/C

To ensure optimal comfort regardless of the season, our Green Room is equipped with heating and air conditioning, allowing bands to relax in a temperature-controlled environment.

Wet Bar & Refreshments

Bands can indulge in the amenities of a fully stocked wet bar within the Green Room, providing a variety of refreshments and beverages to enjoy before and after their performances.

At The Boardwalk, we pride ourselves on providing not only state-of-the-art top-of-the-line equipment but also in-house professional Sound Engineers who are capable of expertly handling any audio challenge that comes their way. When you book your bands with us, you can trust that our team will ensure the highest quality sound production, making your performance shine and leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Established in 1952, The Boardwalk holds a significant place in history as one of the pioneering bars in Orangevale and the greater Sacramento area. With a rich heritage spanning several decades, our venue has been a beloved destination for music enthusiasts, providing a platform for unforgettable performances and cherished memories.


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